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How to Work With Your Online Content Writer

Tips for Working With an Internet Content Writer

Having well-written content on your website is essential to both ranking well with search engines and providing the best possible user experience to your audience. However, many businesses aren’t able to employ or don’t have the volume of content needed to justify employing a full-time in-house writer. That’s where freelance writers come in.


Provide Clear Expectations

Writers aren’t mind-readers. Even the best writers will need some guidance from you, especially if you have a specific writing style that you prefer. A writer who has written for other companies in the same industry as yours may have experience with the subject matter, but the other companies they’ve written for may have had different expectations.

If you have specific topics and keywords in mind, provide that information to the writer from the beginning. If you have websites or blogs that showcase the writing style you’re looking for, share those with the writer so they’re not guessing what you’re looking for. As the writer learns your preferences, the amount of input you’ll need to provide may decrease over time. However, it is a learning process for the writer and can take time.


Have Realistic Expectations

You get what you pay for. It’s similar to the old adage that you can get something fast, cheap or good, but you have to pick two. If you have a small budget, there’s a limit to the amount of time a writer can spend on your content.

Plus, something like a blog is meant to be casual and written a tone similar to that of how we speak, rather than being formal writing. It’s also meant to be an opportunity to impart information that readers are searching for and for SEO keywords. A blog is not meant to be prize-winning literature.

Website content can be at a higher reading level and be of higher quality overall. It will also typically be longer than a blog. Therefore, it will require more time from a writer and a higher budget from you.


Expect Edits

It’s important not to expect perfection on the first try. Requesting edits is a perfectly normal part of the writing process. Most writers will be happy to adapt their writing to your preferences, just wanting their customers to be happy. However, it’s also important to go about requesting edits the right way.

Be specific about what you want to be changed. Writers aren’t mind-readers and if you just ask for it to be “better” they won’t know what you want them to change. It’s also important to be polite about it. Don’t be critical without offering an example of what you’d like instead.

This is a learning process for the writer as they get to know you and your preferences. No one will be perfect on the first try. Asking for edits isn’t a big deal and you shouldn’t make it out to be.

Just ask for the changes you would like and, over time, these should become fewer and fewer as the writer gets to know what you’re looking for. It is, however, normal for there to still occasionally be edits later on as well.

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