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Why Companies Still Need Blogs in 2021
A lot of marketing trends point to social media and video content as the future of online marketing. Social media offers more opportunities for engagement with users and many people prefer to watch videos instead of reading. But that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging. Blogs are still an important part of your SEO and marketing strategy, even as social media and video content become increasingly popular.

Does Blogging Still Help With SEO?

One of the reasons to continue blogging is that it’s still a major part of SEO. Blogging helps with your SEO strategy and helps improve your rankings with Google in numerous ways. Social media and videos won’t help your search rankings in the same way that a blog can. But how does blogging help with SEO?

Blogging Keeps Your Website Active

Google likes to rank active websites more highly than websites that it thinks are inactive. But how do you keep your website active? By making regular changes to your site. Blogs are extremely useful for this because regularly posting can help Google to see that your site is active without having to make unnecessary changes to your actual web pages.

Blogging Helps With EAT

Google uses EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) as a part of its algorithm to rank websites on the search results page. It’s not through social media posting that you establish your expertise in your industry. It’s through blogging. Blog posts allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and that you’re a source to be trusted. On top of that, your blog content can provide users with information that is useful to them.

Does Blogging Benefit Other Marketing Efforts?

Another benefit of blogging is that it can help other parts of your marketing and SEO strategies. Blogging provides ready content for posting on social media. You can also include blog content as part of an emailed newsletter. The blogs are fresh content for your users to read and the social media posts and newsletters can help get that content to your users.

Is Blogging Good for Keywords?

If there are keywords you want to rank well with on Google’s SERP, then blogs are a great way to include those keywords. Trying to include every keyword relevant to your company, products, and industry in your web pages may result in them being unreadable for users. But focusing on your primary keywords on your web pages and using blog posts as opportunities to add other keywords will help you rank for more keywords while still making your content the best possible for users.

Does Blogging Help With User Experience?

Google’s primary focus is user experience. All tweaks to their algorithm over the years have been with the purpose of improving user experience and rewarding websites that do the same. Blogging can help your users by providing them with information that they need to know. Blog content can be extremely useful for users by answering questions they may have about topics in your industry.

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