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What Should You Know About Google’s August 2023 Core Update

Google has announced that its new core search engine update will begin rolling out in August 2023. This process may take up to two weeks to fully complete. It’s essential to take this time to understand what this core update entails and what it could mean for you and your SEO strategy.

What Are Google’s Core Updates?

Oftentimes, Google’s core updates don’t target specific pain points. Instead, they wish to improve relevant search results as well as increase performance throughout the search engine. This update can cause formerly lower-ranked websites to rank higher, leading to more visibility than before. Because of this, higher-ranked websites may see a slip in their rank and visibility.


How Will This Update Affect Your Search Rankings?

The thing about Google’s core updates is that there’s really no telling if there will be any effect at all. There is a chance your website could come out of this unscathed, or, on the opposite end, your website might receive more visibility. While there is a chance for a positive outcome, it’s also important to be ready for your website to be affected negatively as well. Google warns that many websites might experience a decline in visibility and user interaction.

If you notice a drop in your website’s views and interactions, Google recommends looking at your content rather than assuming it’s a technical issue. The core update reflects Google’s goal to push out more relevant content to the users, so it’s important that your content is optimized accordingly.

What Are Ways You Can Prepare for Google’s Core Update?

If you see a decline in your website’s performance, Google has some recommendations for you.


Have You Checked Your Analytics?

You’ll want to take a closer look at your web pages that aren’t performing well. This will help you determine what things you should focus on throughout your website and compare these pages to other pages you have that perform well.

When Should You Update Your SEO Strategy?

You might want to go through another round of SEO research after this core update. SEO words and terms that you’ve relied on in the past might not be leading viewers to your page anymore. You want to see what search terms are being used to access your page and pages similar to yours. It’s always good practice to update SEO frequently, but it’s even more important to do so after a core update.

Does Google Offer SEO Tips?

Google has a help page with FAQs to help you optimize your website’s content. You can spend some time comparing your content with their resources in order to make the new update work for you.

Will You Recover Lost Rankings?

It can’t always be determined if a website can recover from lost rankings. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and updating its search engine for better results. It could be possible that Google releases minor updates that will positively benefit your website, but it could also be the opposite. If you were to recover your lost rankings, it could be over the course of several months.

How Can You Improve Your Website?

It’s important that, as this update comes out, you continue to stay patient and focus on improving your website’s quality. This can entail updating old pages, archiving less relevant pages, and going through more research. It’s important to understand that this will have continuous changes as time goes on, so looking for a quick fix will only be beneficial for a small period of time. Working through the kinks is hard, but in order to ensure your website’s success, it’s necessary.

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