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What We’ve Learned Since Google’s May 2020 Core Update About SEO

Since the early days of its search engine, Google has been constantly updating and making tweaks to its algorithm to improve its ability to provide users with the best possible search results. Often, these algorithms have made fundamental changes to SEO. SEO tactics that were once a staple are now considered black hat and will result in lower rankings if used.

What SEO Strategy Changes Do I Need to Make?

Google’s latest core update was released over several weeks in May of 2020. What changes to SEO does this update require? The short answer is: nothing. Google’s official announcement about the update says that even pages that drop in rankings may have nothing that they need to change. This update was intended to improve Google’s search algorithm’s ability to interpret users’ intent when they search.

Because the update was about how Google assesses content, some web pages may have seen their rankings drop even though there was nothing wrong with their SEO strategy. There may be nothing you can do in terms of SEO to improve your page rankings. However, Google did recommend to focus on the content.

How Can I Improve My Content?

Even though there may be no SEO changes that you need to make, it’s understandable if you feel the need to make some improvements if your web pages experienced a drop in rankings. It’s a good opportunity to go over your content and look for areas in which you might improve it. EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) guidelines still apply. Check over your content to see where you might be able to improve it.

What Is Quality Content?

Ultimately, the highest-quality content is content that provides the best user experience. If your content provides what your users are looking for, then that is a major hurdle already overcome. Quality content is well-written and free of typos and errors. It should provide useful information to users as well as meet with what they’re searching for. Your content should show that you’re an expert in that particular subject.

Will My Rankings Go Back Up?

If your search rankings were negatively impacted by the most recent update, improving the quality of your content may improve your rankings. However, Google warned that it’s possible that web pages impacted by the update may not recover their rankings until a further update was released. If the update negatively affected your rankings because Google is now better at interpreting user intent, then your best bet may be to focus on continuing to provide high-quality content and being an expert in your field.

Google does try its best to understand user intent and is good at it, but its algorithm will never understand content the way humans understand it. Tweaks to the algorithm occur all the time as Google improves how it understands content and user signals. As its intentions are to provide the highest quality user experience, your best bet to staying on top of any changes Google may make is to provide the best possible quality content for your users.

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