Website Health Analysis

Perform a full diagnostic check on your website to identify the major SEO issues. Whether it’s a drop in ranking or traffic, let’s define your goals and implement necessary troubleshooting steps.

Why Website Health Analysis Is Good for Your Business

Keeping your website healthy is a vital component of website maintenance and management. Your company’s brand is affected by your presence online and if your website isn’t at its best, that can affect how potential customers see your company as well. A healthy website means a better user experience for visitors, which in turn leads to better search rankings and an increased number of visitors.

Page Speed

Internet users now expect web pages to load in seconds. Images and video are eye-catching resources, but they can also be very large files and take a long time to load. Slow-loading web pages have a negative impact on user experience, especially for visitors using mobile devices, which have less processing power than a computer. Analyzing where your website’s speed can be improved will help improve not only user experience but also search rankings.

Mobile Version

Google now prioritizes mobile versions of web pages in its search indexing. This change occurred because Google wanted to improve user experience for the large percentage of Internet users that browsed the web from their mobile devices. A website that works well on a mobile device will also display well on a computer, but the reverse isn’t always true.

SEO Health

Part of managing the health of your website is also analyzing the health of your on-site SEO. Are all of the links still live? Do you have pages that are too stuffed with keywords? SEO practices that were once considered white hat may now be more gray or even black hat SEO.

What Can BrainVine Do for You?

BrainVine’s expert team will perform an analysis of your website’s health and determine where it can be improved. We will diagnose any problems or issues that may be slowing your site down or that may be having a negative impact on your visitors. Knowing the problem areas is the first step to fixing them. Once the problems have been identified, we can work with you to address them, which will improve your SEO and user experiences, as well as ultimately increasing your search rankings.

What’s good for your users is therefore what’s good for you.

BrainVine’s team of skilled web analysts can help diagnose your website’s SEO issues. Regardless of whether it’s just a blog here and there, or an entire website revamp, we’re here to help.

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