UX-Based SEO

Your website should be developed with your users in mind and your content written for your users.

For a long time, SEO has been about keywords and backlinks, alt text and title tags. And while these are still important, Google’s focus has been on improving their algorithm to prioritize user experience (UX) over everything else. The first updates to Google’s algorithm were developed because Google was seeing too many websites use black hat SEO techniques that focused on search engines rather than users.

Now, black hat SEO will earn websites a punishment from Google in the form of lower search rankings and even being blocked from the search engine altogether for the worst offenders. Now, grey hat SEO is SEO that avoids punishment by Google but still doesn’t prioritize user experience over all else. White hat SEO is the type of SEO that Google prefers and rewards and that prioritizes users and their experiences online.

Users that have good experiences on your website will stay longer on your website, will return to your website, and will share your website’s content with others and on social media. The more clicks your website has, the longer users stay, and the lower your bounce rate, the higher your search rankings will be. Google takes into account the number of viewers visiting your website and how long they stay on your site

What’s good for your users is therefore what’s good for you. Some of what goes into making a good experience for your users may seem counterintuitive from a marketing perspective, such as not trying to sell. Customers don’t like to be sold to and feeling like your engagement with them is a sales pitch will result in fewer visitors.

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