Social Media Management

Properly managing your social media presence is an essential component to bringing more visitors to your website.

Social media is an important part of both your SEO campaign and your company’s brand presence online. Your social media accounts are an essential component in engaging with your customers. Your primary source of contact with many of your customers may be through social media.

Sharing Content

Your social media accounts are a great resource for sharing new content with your customers. New blog posts, press releases, vannouncements for new products, and more can all be shared with your customers on your social media accounts. The profile section of your social media account should also contain a link to your website to turn social media users into visitors for your site.

Regular Posts

It’s important to keep your visitors feeling engaged by sharing new content regularly. Even if what you share isn’t your own content, your customers want to feel like they’re having a conversation with you, rather than being sold to. Sharing content that you think they’ll find interesting or useful will help make your customers feel engaged. Posting at the right time of day will also help you reach more people. Different social media platforms have different peak hours, so it’s important to know your customer base and when they are online.

No Cross-Posting

Cross-posting is posting the exact same content on multiple social media platforms at the same time. While this is convenient and fast, it also means that you can’t take advantage of the different features each social media platform provides. It also means that you’re not sharing the right kind of content with each audience, as different types of people tend to favor different social media platforms. Making each post even just slightly different will help your customers feel like their interests are being addressed. It also means the social media platform won’t view your post as spam.

What Can BrainVine Do for You?

BrainVine’s expert team can help you not just with the industry-specific research needed to create a viral campaign, but we can also optimize your campaign for specific social media platforms to best leverage your audience to generate word-of-mouth buzz about your product or service. We’ll help create a guerilla marketing campaign that will go viral and increase your sales.

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