Outreach Management &
Guest Blogging

SEO isn’t only keywords and alt text and the development of your website and content. Google also uses backlinks to calculate your search rankings, so it’s important to not just have links back to your website, but for those links to be high-quality links. Just having any backlink at all could actually harm your search rankings if the site linking to you isn’t considered trustworthy.

Outreach and Backlink Opportunities?

Outreach is the process through which quality sites are contacted about backlink opportunities, which are usually traded in exchange for content provided, such as a reciprocal backlink, a guest blog, or other content provided to encourage the backlink. Some backlinks will happen organically if you have high-quality content that users want to share with others.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogs are written to be posted on an external website, free of charge to the external site, ideally with the goal of promoting your own website through a backlink. They’re great opportunities for backlinks. You can place the link back to your website directly within the text so that it’s guaranteed to be there when your collaborator publishes the blog article on their website. Usually the link leads to the landing page, but for user experience, it’s better to link directly to the page of your website that is most relevant to the content of the article. This way the user arrives directly at the content that they are looking for, your SEO and search rankings for that page improve, and users may be more likely to visit the rest of your website.

What Can BrainVine Do for You?

BrainVine’s expert team can help you not just with the industry-specific research needed to create a viral campaign, but we can also optimize your campaign for specific social media platforms to best leverage your audience to generate word-of-mouth buzz about your product or service. We’ll help create a guerilla marketing campaign that will go viral and increase your sales.

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