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A Very COVID Holiday

Thanks to the coronavirus, the 2020 holiday season is going to be very different than normal. With the virus resurging around the world and cities going into lockdown again, the holiday shopping period will be more online than ever before. Online shopping has been growing in popularity for many years, but many people still enjoyed shopping in brick and mortar stores.

With the pandemic, however, online shopping has been surging all year in 2020, and looks like it will only grow as people do their holiday shopping online as well. Some may turn to in-store pickup or curbside pickup, but they’ll be filling those orders online, even if they aren’t having their purchases shipped to them.


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How Do I Prepare Ahead of Time for Holiday SEO?

You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. It’s recommended that you start your holiday strategy at least 45 days ahead of time. Content can take a while to be indexed and to be ranked, so the sooner you’re prepared, the better off you’ll be during the holiday season.

If you have events or sales, you should have an announcement or save-the-dates available online, preferably posted on social media as well as on your website. Leading up to the beginning of your holiday campaign, you can post more about it on social media to remind your audience that your event or sale is beginning.

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Does All Holiday Content Have to Be New?

If there’s a place to reuse content that worked for last year, then you can reuse content. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t necessarily reuse blogs or social media content. However, landing pages with content that still fits your holiday strategy can be repurposed. In fact, reusing landing pages may actually benefit your SEO strategy for the holidays. Simply redirecting the URL from last year to one more relevant to this year (ex. /holiday-gift-guide-2020 instead of /holiday-gift-guide-2019) and updating any necessary wording in the content will help you preserve any links you already had for the page. That will help you start out the holiday season ahead of the game.

How Important Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing may be more important than ever before in 2020. Because of the pandemic and lockdown orders, people aren’t seeing friends and family in person as much. This means that they’ve turned to the Internet to meet their communication needs. For many, this means more time spent on social media.

In recent years, shopping on social media has been increasing. Thanks to the additional reliance on social media this year, that trend looks to be continuing. Whether you’re selling products or services, social media platforms geared towards image sharing, such as Pinterest or Instagram, can be especially helpful in showcasing what your business has to offer. Plus, the holiday season is the optimal time to introduce new products or services. People are looking to buy and they’re looking online. Social media can be a great resource for drawing customers’ attention to your new holiday offerings.

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