ChatGPT 4: The Future of AI ChatBots

ChatGPT 4: The Future of AI ChatBots

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ChatGPT 4 The Future of AI ChatBots

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Ever since Open AI’s chatbot was released, the internet has been buzzing with reactions ranging from excitement for the new possibilities to concern about the impact it may have on many industries. In addition, the version of ChatGPT that is available for free isn’t even the latest model.

ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model has already been released for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, even though it most likely won’t be available to free users until the next version after 4 is released to Plus subscribers. While it’s exciting to look forward to what GPT-4 will offer, it’s also important to remain aware of its limitations.


What Does ChatGPT-4 Do Better Than ChatGPT-3.5?

There are many ways in which GPT-4 has improved upon its predecessor. These range from simply improving upon existing capabilities to brand-new features. Continue reading to find out more.


ChatGPT 4 Can Interact With and Analyze Images

While GPT-4 won’t be able to generate AI images (that’s the job of Open AI’s other AI, called DALL-E), this version of ChatGPT will be able to interpret and analyze images. This means that you can give ChatGPT an image and ask it questions regarding that image and it will be able to respond. This means that instead of requiring text in order to initiate an interaction between ChatGPT and the user, images can be incorporated.


ChatGPT 4 Will Understand and Process Language Better

Another improvement over the currently released version of ChatGPT is ChatGPT 4’s increased language capabilities. There are limitations to ChatGPT’s current language skills. GPT-4’s improved language model means that this new version of the AI can not only sound more naturally human but can also understand and produce responses in specific dialects of a language rather than just the most standard version.


ChatGPT 4 Will Be More Creative and Collaborative

This newer model of ChatGPT will be both more creative and more collaborative. This means that it can better gather information from multiple sources at once and then combine them to formulate a better answer. ChatGPT 4 can also collaborate with users in order to increase creativity in producing written content, even writing in different styles from technical writing to screenplays.


ChatGPT 4 Is More Accurate Than ChatGPT 3.5

Another benefit of GPT-4 is its increased accuracy. While no AI chatbot is currently immune to inaccuracies and biases, ChatGPT 4 will greatly improve upon the previous version’s accuracy by about 40%.


What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT 4 may improve upon ChatGPT 3.5, but it still carries certain limitations. These range from accuracy issues to an inability to truly understand humans.


ChatGPT 4 Can’t Address Current Events

ChatGPT 4 shares the same limitation as the current version of the AI in that it was trained on content only from 2021 or earlier. This limits its ability to discuss current events. ChatGPT 4 also isn’t able to speculate on future events.


ChatGPT 4 Can Be Incorrect

Even though GPT-4 is among the best of the AI chatbots out there, it is still often incorrect. It can produce biased or even just flat-out wrong answers. It also can suffer from what is referred to as “hallucination” in the AI world. This means that the AI can’t tell the difference between something that is true and something that isn’t and gives a response that is based on incorrect information.

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