How ChatGPT Works With Bing

How ChatGPT Works With Bing

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ChatGPT and Bing

Microsoft announced in February of 2023 that the groundbreaking new AI chatbot ChatGPT would be incorporated into both the Bing search engine as well as Microsoft’s web browser, Edge. But what are the benefits of this partnership and how does it work?


Microsoft Claims Bing’s Chat Is Better Than ChatGPT

Why would you use Bing’s chatbot when you could just use the existing ChatGPT? Well, according to Microsoft, Bing is even better than ChatGPT. This is because the Bing version has incorporated OpenAI’s latest language model rather than the one currently used by the free version of ChatGPT. This means that those wanting early access to ChatGPT-4 without paying for ChatGPT Plus can try it out via Microsoft’s Bing chat.


How Is Bing Chat Different from Alexa?

The release of ChatGPT changed the game on the Internet. Search engines use AI and algorithms to produce search results, but it’s not the same as the conversational nature of interacting with a chatbot like ChatGPT. Cortana, Siri, and Alexa have been around for a while, but are built on command-and-control systems rather than a language model like ChatGPT. This means that partnering with ChatGPT brings Bing into the AI chatbot space much faster than Google.


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Does Google Have an AI Chatbot?

Google announced in February that it was building its own chatbot, called Bard, which is not yet released. You can sign up for their waitlist, however. The announcement outlined a strategy of quality over speed. Google’s preference was to avoid rushing to produce a chatbot, preferring instead to take their time to make sure that they got it right.


How Can You Access the Bing Chatbot?

Bing’s chatbot is currently the only free way to access GPT-4. It’s not available just anywhere, however. There are a few ways to use it but all require a Microsoft product.


How to Access Bing Chat from Microsoft Edge

First, download the latest version of Microsoft Edge if you don’t already have it. Then, navigate to There, you’ll see a Chat option next to the Microsoft Bing logo on the upper left side of the window.

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How to Access Bing Chat from Windows 11

If you have Windows 11 installed on your computer, then you already have it. You can use the search bar to open a Bing chat window.


How to Access Bing Chat on Mobile Devices

There are two ways to use Bing chat on a mobile device. You can either download the Bing mobile app or use the Microsoft Edge mobile app. Either will connect you with Bing chat.


How Does Bing Chat Work?

Bing’s chat is already incorporated with ChatGPT-4, so you don’t have to do anything other than start typing. Just like with ChatGPT, you can ask questions, prompt for written content, and more. You can even select the conversation style.

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What Are the Limitations of Bing Chat?

Just like ChatGPT and any other AI chatbot, Bing’s chat also has limitations. It may not understand when something is true or not and could therefore offer incorrect information or even biased responses. Bing warns about this by saying that surprises and mistakes are possible.

AI can therefore be a useful resource, but shouldn’t be relied upon as an authority. If you’re using AI as a writing tool, understand that AI-generated content may not be as high quality as a human writer’s. Therefore, editing would be needed to improve its content.

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