Facebook 2019: Updates to Look Out for This Year

Facebook 2019: Updates to Look Out for This Year

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Facebook 2019


Facebook, which has been a fixture of social media since 2004, has been constantly updating since its founding. 2019 is no exception. This year’s updates include some fundamental changes to Facebook’s approach to online privacy, as well as some more cosmetic changes.

The Future of Privacy

Facebook hasn’t always had the best relationship with online privacy. It’s had repeated run-ins with the FCC over how users’ private information has been handled, often publicly without their consent. But 2019 sees Facebook turning over a new leaf.

In the past, Facebook’s aim was to make as much of its content as publicly available as possible. In fact, many shared more than intended because they hadn’t updated their privacy settings. But today, Facebook has recognized that the future of online communication isn’t public, but actually private.

Most people now communicate online either directly or in small groups, rather than posting things for as many people as possible to see. The idea is to make people feel like they fit in more by creating small communities via Facebook groups and Messenger. Facebook is even exploring the idea of making posts expire after a certain period of time, similar to Instagram Stories.

For users, this is great news. Their privacy will be even more protected online. But for businesses seeking to use Facebook for marketing and SEO, the new focus may necessitate a change in approach. Instead of sharing content to the Facebook world at large, content creators may need to instead direct their efforts towards smaller groups.

Facebook has also made some updates to its logo and website to reflect its new groups and messenger focus.

Ad Updates

There were also a lot of updates to Facebook ads that were announced for this year. You can now insert product stickers into Instagram Stories so that users can click a link directly to an online store if they like the look of a product. But that’s not the only thing that’s new in the world of Facebook advertising.

Starting in 2019, ads will have the capability of using augmented reality – businesses can use this feature to demonstrate how products can or should be used. Ads can also be posted on Facebook Stores – while not as popular yet as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories will be another option for businesses to reach their customers.

Improved Metrics

Facebook has made changes to its metrics, especially for video advertisements. This should be particularly useful to businesses using video and will help improve the ability to measure an audience’s engagement with videos. There will also be more self-service opportunities to explore what kind of impact your ads have and how they affect your audience’s perception of your or your company’s brand.

2019 should prove to be an exciting year for content providers and brands on Facebook. With the new ad features available, you can engage more directly with your audience. The new metrics can then help you to understand exactly what impact those new ads had for you. These changes should only improve our ability to create and promote brands with Facebook and we can’t wait to use them!

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The Importance of Video Content

The Importance of Video Content

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Video Content

The Internet Isn’t Just for Cat Videos

Many people have heard the story about how Google scientists connected 16,000 computers together to create the world’s largest machine learning neural network and then gave it access to YouTube, where it found so many cat videos that it taught itself to recognize cats. But YouTube isn’t just cat videos and tutorials. It’s also the second-largest search engine on the Internet.


An Audience of Millions

There are 1.3 billion users on YouTube watching almost 5 billion videos every day. That’s a huge audience that you can capitalize on by adding video content to your marketing strategy. Creating video content and uploading it to your company’s YouTube account can help build your brand and share important content with over a billion people.

Videos Rank

Reaching more people isn’t the only benefit of creating video content. Videos that are optimized will also rank on Google for relevant searches. If you’ve been on Google at all in the past few years (who hasn’t?), then you’ll have noticed that videos show up not only on the Videos tab of the search engine results page but also on the main results page as well.




Going Viral

Videos have a much greater chance of going viral than any other type of content. Videos are easily, and therefore frequently, shared content. Users share videos on social media and from there they generate likes, pins, upvotes, shares, and other social signals. Google pays attention to these social signals and will adjust the ranking of your video accordingly.

Videos for SEO

Users like to watch videos and their very presence on your website can actually increase the number of conversions that you get. In addition, if your videos are properly optimized, the video script can be transcribed by Google and then used for your SEO just like your website content, blogs, and social media posts.

Put a Face to the Name

Videos are so popular for a variety of reasons. Users don’t always want to read and the visual content can be incredibly compelling. It also humanizes your company, putting a face to the name. People like to follow other people. They like to know who they’re buying from, or who they’ll be working with.
content marketing

Valuable Content

Your blogs and your text can tell your visitors about your company and products. Videos, on the other hand, can show them. If you sell a physical product, then you can use videos to demonstrate your products. Videos can also be tutorials or even just glimpses into your company’s culture and what it would be like to work with you.

If you can get customers to provide testimonials, having those in video form is incredibly powerful. Real customers’ experiences with your company will be considered more credible than anything your company could say.

Videos Are the Future

The popularity of video content doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Videos are here to stay and will only increase in the future. Not only is video content a good addition to your marketing strategy now, but it is also a great way to future-proof your SEO, as video optimization will be a major part of SEO for a long time to come.